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Unions need PR push


Unions need PR push

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“If we don’t change, we don’t grow; if we don’t grow, we aren’t living” – Gail Sheehy, American author and journalist.

IN THE MIDDLE OF a somewhat controversial matter relating to the proposed expulsion of a student, the public is hearing for the first time that a teachers’ union proposed on an almost quarterly basis that a school with a residential facility be set up for unruly and unmanageable schoolchildren.

Where is the proposal? To whom was it directed?

I have previously said and will continue to say that our unions have to do things differently if there is to a literal metamorphosis within the society.

Proposals are not negotiations and in the strictest sense, they are merely ideas and suggestions placed on the table for discussion and final agreement. It is clearly understood and accepted that during formal negotiations, there will be a blackout of information on items under negotiation, but would a truce be broken if unions let the shapers of public opinion know their mission?

If unions are to avoid the bashings of John Public and the accusation of “holding the country to ransom”, they must do things differently and let members of the wider population know about the things for which they are fighting.

As a proponent for critical support to the trade union movement, its members and others, may I say that change involves the ventilation of ideas, suggestions and initiatives, making all and sundry aware of the mission for continued progress and development of the country.

There is surely a better way for our labour unions to get support and maybe some sympathy and understanding from a cross-section of our populace by use of the various media available.

There are some who think that labour unions are irrelevant; others see them as dead. The labour movement is not dead, but if it does not change, it will not grow and if it is not growing, it is not living.


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