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Dumping grief

CARLOS ATWELL, [email protected]

Dumping grief

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PEOPLE LIVING in Charnocks, Christ Church, are concerned about a troubled man in the neighbourhood who has been strewing garbage along a large piece of land, but the man is only part of the problem.

When the WEEKEND NATION team investigated, the amount of garbage was shocking; it was hard to believe one man could be responsible for it all. However, resident Angela Best said it was all true.

“A man used to take garbage from all around and spread it here, two to three times a day. I was cleaning it but I stopped because he used to curse you. I can’t do it myself anyway as it got to be a couple truckloads by now. It’s been going on for years and ever since the SSA [Sanitation Service Authority] supposed to come and no one come yet,” she said, adding the problem would worsen when rain started to fall and water collected in the refuse. (CA)

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