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Common Entrance underway

ALEX DOWNES, [email protected]

Common Entrance underway

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THIS YEAR’S BARBADOS Secondary School Entrance Examination is underway.

And as customary, both parents and students were a mixture of nerves, smiles and confidence as they prepared for their biggest day of examinations thus far.

At Queen’s College, Husbands, St James, students of Eden Lodge and West Terrace Primary were on site from just after 8 a.m., waiting to enter the school hall.

Even as students prepared to put pen to paper, a few of the parents said they were slightly uneasy about the one day exam.

Some parents kissed their children goodbye, a few also explained that they were planning on staying outside the school’s gates until their child returned.

Elsewhere, it was easy going this morning as parents left their children at the gates and they went into sit the Barbados Secondary School Entrance Examination which will determine where they will get their education for the next five to seven years.

At Graydon Sealy Secondary School, Paddock Road, St Michael some parents and children were arriving from before 7:30 a.m.  No large crowds were gathered there.

While at St Michael School, Martindale’s’ Road, St Michael  there was a bit more buzz, at Combermere School, Waterford, St Michael was also relatively quiet.

More parents showed nerves than the children who all said they were relaxed and ready to give of their best. (AD/LK)

Pictured below: Leacock’s Private School, Selah Primary, Ignatius Byer Primary and Christ Church Girls’.