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Joseph right to champion teachers


Joseph right to champion teachers

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IT WAS LIKE a breath of fresh air blowing amidst the stench now pervading the public domain as it relates to the debate on teachers.

I refer to Dr Tennyson Joseph’s article entitled Teacher Bashing in the April 26, 2016 DAILY NATION. Dr Joseph seems to be one of the few, besides the trade unions themselves, who understand the plight of our country’s hard-working, unappreciated, unsung heroes.

He has really been accurate in his summation of the entire fiasco and I salute him for not jumping on a bandwagon and fanning vitriolic public verbiage which is too often devoid of any proper kind of analysis.

I think it makes these battered souls’ jobs harder when at every turn they are reminded that a lot of these senseless voices out there lacerating them with their tongues are in fact the parents of the charges whom they teach.

It is patently obvious that we need to fear for the longevity of this country when from the bottom to the top of society, such myopic hate speech directed at a certain group can be excused as part of the democratic process.