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Eye candy for the north


Eye candy for the north

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From the closed hall of the Alexandra School, a clamour quite unlike any other reverberated off the walls of the Speightstown establishment on the last Saturday of April, as patrons cheered their approval for this year’s sexy creations by designer and owner of C-Gees Fashion, Aulene Gill.

Now in their 10th year of hosting the show in which they exhibit pieces from their Speightstown store front, Carl Gill, co-owner of C-Gees and Aulene’s husband, said they weren’t without their challenges, as finding consistent sponsorship proved to be quite an endeavour for the small northern operation, but thanks to a dedicated community, they have been able to pull through year after year and deliver the much loved and looked forward to show.

 “My show is mostly northern-based . . . . I get a lot of support from St Lucy, St Peter and St James,” said Gill, “and most of my sponsors come from the Speightstown area.”

Gill also attributed the show’s success to the entertainment element he includes each year, which sets it apart from run of the mill fashion shows.

“When you come to my show you expect to see lingerie . . . . it’s safe, clean fun.” said Gill.

“I advise my girls to just tease, don’t go overboard, but make it fun . . . . It’s not like the typical modelling show because after a while it would get boring watching the girls walk up and down, so I advise my girls to just tease the fellas, entertain, and that’s why it’s been going so long.”

In addition to seeing titillating pieces for themselves, the show’s female patrons got their fill of eye candy, courtesy of the four hunky male models, who were included in this year’s show. (SM)