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Sinckler on the ball


Sinckler on the ball

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THE Barbados Secondary Schools’ Entrance Examination is over, and yesterday about 320 of the students who took the examination on Tuesday got the chance to unwind at the Casa Grande Hotel.

The pupils were drawn from Deacons, Eagle Hall and St Stephen’s primary schools and they had a full range of the hotel and its amenities which included bowling, video games and bumper cars.

They were also treated to lunch, which included fries, hot dogs, pizza, burgers and ice cream.

The day of fun was compliments of Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler, parliamentary representative for St Michael North West, where the three schools are located.

“It is a stressful exam period and normally what we do is treat the children to a little relaxation to get over all the nerves they would have had with the exam and all of the chatter afterward about which paper was harder, whether the English or the maths,” said Sinckler.

The Member of Parliament has been helping children from the schools for about six years through the St Michael North West Development Foundation.