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AG should put amnesty in place


AG should put amnesty in place

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DEAR ADRIEL BRATHWAITE, I am forced to write to the newspaper as a constituent as we don’t see you in the constituency. Crime is of everyone’s concern and we  recently had some non-aggravated burglaries here in Ocean City.

Within the last week, Mother Fighting for Life was a recent headline of the NATION newspaper which is the catalyst for my letter.

The Government and Opposition must take blame for the fate of Valdene Hinds, but the real let-down is the Attorney General who was elected by constituents in a position of trust and given a mandate as minister of law and order under warrant by the Governor General.

Here is where the Government is to blame, for every week the Cabinet meets and at some point in time the idea of a gun amnesty would have had to come up, as a gun crime risk mitigation measure.

One less gun on the streets is one less trigger to be pulled to kill or rob. What are you waiting for, Mr Brathwaite?

The current Cabinet, like previous ones, seems far removed from the happenings in the nooks and crannies and would appear to be incapable of finding the simplest of solutions to treat challenges facing the masses.

The Opposition has got to know it has a very serious responsibility to apply unbearable pressure to get the Government to act in best interest of the country and should have insisted on a gun amnesty. 

Mr Attorney General, your recent statement on what would trigger the return of hanging in Barbados lacked sensitivity to murder victims and their families. Such statements are divisive and threaten the social cohesion among citizens. All human life is valued.

Sir, it’s time you stand tall to justify the privileges of office, perks and salary. How will history judge your stewardship as Attorney General? If the job is too much for you, why not place your resignation at the disposal of the Prime Minister.