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JEFF BROOMES: Goodbye with thanks to all on my journey


JEFF BROOMES: Goodbye with thanks to all on my journey

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IT HAS BEEN a great ride! It has been a marvellous ride! It’s been a ride defined by transcendence and transformation. I came, saw things as they were and, with vision and intellect, sought to make things as they could be!

As my decided actions sought to bring about improvement and growth, I was also impacted. Although my enthusiasm has never faltered, I am not the same person that started the journey on October 7, 1975. Experience is indeed the best teacher! Boy, do I know it!

Now I look back with immense pride and expressed gratitude to the many individuals who contributed to my growth and development. Some of these persons sought to take me to higher heights; some did without knowing and still others did as they tried to pull me down! I saw every experience as an opportunity for learning.

As I move to another part of my life’s journey I openly say that although I have retired from “Test cricket”, as long as there are children to assist, I will continue to play T20 and the occasional ODI as requested. At this time, I will allow my written words to express my sincere thanks to those who fashioned my journey.

“Goodbye, With Thanks”

I started a journey in 1975

Was given the support so that I could thrive;

I was guided and helped for a long, long while

Being fashioned with frowns and every smile!

Trained to be selfless and quite committed

And strengthened by fam’ly in all that I did!

Now the time has come for me to go,

My journey’s done and that I well know.

With head held high having answered the call,

I did my part and with standards stood tall.

So thanks to those who shaped this moment

My principals, colleagues and students!

And as God has brought me to this day

Through struggle and challenge Broomer did pray

I was shouldered with ice and dragged through hottest fire

But strong values and focus made me much better

Yes, there were forks and a maze or two

But to my conscience I was always true

For I dreamed and charted a vision

And worked undeterred for the mission

So appreciated or not, Broomer was what you got!

Me, me, no hypocrisy

Broomer style was there for all to see

Cause all I did was done in style

Yes, style, style, Broomer style!

I wish the schools at which I worked, especially the Parkinson family, all the best in the future and hope that they allow God to guide their path. I also thank God for His blessings and may He continue to richly bless Barbados!

Jeff Broomes is an experienced educator, principal and community organiser who also served as vice-president of the BCA and director of the WICB. Email: [email protected]