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Loud music a form of showing off


Loud music a form of showing off

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THREE MONTHS AGO, I approached a neighbour and requested him to lower the volume of his radio, since we have different tastes in our listenership. To besides, my son is studying for exams and it would be helpful if he were not unduly disturbed.

The volume of the unwelcome noise was lowered but still at a decibel level that caused concern; enough for me to think that perhaps there is a hard-of-hearing resident at that house.

This initial step prompted me to take some notice of the other neighbours. The loudest tend to be the ones who have renovated, painted, bought new furniture or otherwise beautified or uplifted their houses, bought a different vehicle, carried out some landscaping and so on. Therefore, they think they have to be noticed by doing something that would get some attention.

These attention seekers are insensitive and usually are also inconsiderate to their neighbours. They just want where they live to be noticed, as no one is taking any notice of who occupy the houses. To drive home the point, they have to open some door so the noise is transmitted for mass audience effect.

Most people have radio transmitters. The probability exists that they prefer to listen to the music of their choice, with the firm knowledge that their neighbours may operate similarly. So, why do others have their radios so loud as to cause a nuisance to neighbours?

People living in their own districts could get involved in this operation to check if my findings are similar to their own.

Many people seem oblivious to the harmful effects of excessive noise. In order to get resolution, do we need to involve the police or the law courts? Let us hope that we are able to solve this problem ourselves.