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DEAR CHRISTINE: No to lesbian affair


DEAR CHRISTINE: No to lesbian affair

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DEAR CHRISTINE, My problem is not a huge one, but I need your advice nevertheless.

I am a female in my early 30s. As far as I know myself, I have always liked the opposite sex, as I believe that’s the right way for relationships to blossom. Currently, I am single, and that’s not by choice. My last relationship came to an end six months ago and I am doing my best to heal my broken heart. The guy and I were friends for two years.

Four months ago, my company employed a young woman who says she is gay. She dresses like a lady when it comes to work, but any time you see her away from the office, she dresses like a “tomboy”. In my vocabulary, I call it a Jekyll & Hyde lifestyle.

Christine, I have never entertained thoughts of having a relationship with a woman, but this employee has been pestering me for a few months now about starting one with her. To say I am annoyed is an understatement. I love her as a colleague but I detest the fact that she is trying to get me into a relationship with her. Although I have told her several times I have no love interest with people of the same sex, she continues to call my work number several times throughout the day and invites me out to lunch even though I have told her “no” on countless occasions.

She believes I have a breaking point and that sooner or later I will come around to accepting her. I mean, how crazy can one be?

One or two of my colleagues are aware of her interest in me and they usually laugh it off. However, it has reached a stage where my tolerance level is “nil”. I have told her repeatedly that I will write her up in your column and maybe she will understand my frustration.

However, while I have written you this letter, I also am at the point where I believe I must report this sexual harassment to my employers.

I do not want this woman to lose her job. I just want her to leave me alone. Perhaps by reading this letter, she’ll see how serious I am about this matter.


Dear Frustrated,

You definitely have reached your breaking point but not in her favour.

I can sense the frustration you feel about this situation, and you have my support. Constant sexual harassment from males or females can be bothersome, especially within the workplace where you see the individuals at least five days a week.

Don’t bank on her seeing the letter – show her. Maybe then she will get the message more clearly. If this does not help, report it to your employer. I support you 100 per cent.