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Take evidence of Govt corruption to DPP, says PM

LISA KING, [email protected]

Take evidence of Govt corruption to DPP, says PM

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PRIME MINISTER FREUNDEL STUART has told anyone who believes there is corruption in his Government to take the evidence to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and let him start a prosecution.

“I believe that if there is dirtiness in public life, that dirtiness has to be cleaned up,” said Stuart as he spoke at the Democratic Labour Party’s (DLP) St Peter branch meeting at the All Saints Skills Training Centre in Mile-and-a-Quarter, on Sunday.

He made the comments against the background of a no-confidence motion brought against his Government by the Opposition Barbados Labour Party, expected to be heard in the House of Assembly today. 

“Every week you hear some dark hint about which minister of the Crown is corrupt; I hear the word being used by our adversaries. 

“If anybody has any evidence against any minster of the Crown that that minister has been corrupt and they want to be taken seriously, do not tell me. Go to the DPP, carry the information you have. . . ” (LK)

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