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New waste management fee coming

LISA KING, [email protected]

New waste management fee coming

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A NEW CHARGE to replace the Tipping Fee is expected to be implemented in Barbados in the not too distant future.

Minister of Environment and Drainage Dr Denis Lowe announced the Polluter Pay Principle Fee this morning. It will see everyone who creates garbage paying for its disposal and management.

Lowe, who spoke to the media from his Warrens Tower Office, said his Ministry was working along with the Ministry of Finance on a revision of the strategy for the implementation of the fee.

When questioned on several environmental issues, Lowe also said that Barbados was looking to put a complete ban on the use of plastics and Styrofoam.

He said no date for implementation could be given since the Ministry still had to sit with all the stakeholders in the production of plastics to will come up with a commodity that it can be replaced with.

While not touching the waste to energy plant to be developed by Cahill, Lowe said he would speak in great detail about it tomorrow in Parliament.  He said what was critical was whether Barbados could survive for the next 20 years without it.

Meanwhile, Lowe said he would not comment on the dismissal of National Conservation Commission workers while the matter was still before the Employment Rights Tribunal issue.

“Whatever the tribunal decides to do is a matter for them, when they have done their work the minister will have his say,” Lowe said. (LK)