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Burger King backing road tennis


Burger King backing road tennis

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AMERICAN fast-food giant Burger King is the newest supporter of road tennis with the chain linking with the Professional Road Tennis Association (PRTA) to launch the Burger King Blast Shotgun Tournament serving off on May 22.

Thirty-six of the island’s top male players as well as 16 of the juniors (12-15) have been invited to the tournament, which will play for three successive Sundays with the winners pocketing prize monies very night.

President of the PRTA Dale Clarke indicated that discussions were on to create an incentive award for the player taking the three nights sweep and there were also plans to introduce a fourth night of competition. The tournament will be held in the Skyy Mall car park with the players taking part free of cost.

The dominant Mark “Venom” Griffith headlines the list of invitees with Clarke indicating the junior aspect, which will be a separate component, will give a taste of competition to those young trainees who had been hard at work in the PRTA’s academy in Deacons Farm.

Action will commence at 4 p.m. with the last man standing collecting $500. The losing finalist will earn $300 while the losing semi-finalists will pick up $100 each.

A shotgun tournament sees the players battling to 21 or a two-point advantage in one game as opposed to competing for two best of three or three best of five games. (KB)