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Cricket giant signs off

ALBERT BRANDFORD, [email protected]

Cricket giant signs off

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HE HAS BEEN CALLED the “voice of West Indies cricket”.

Cricket writer, commentator and author Tony Cozier, who died yesterday at 75, was, according to one admirer, much more.

“He’s a writer who happens to be in love with a game called cricket (and many other sports, I might add, including American football),” wrote Georgia Popplewell, a Trinidadian, in the May/June 2003 edition of Caribbean Beat, the news magazine of Caribbean Airlines.

“There’s a writerliness, an attention to language, about his commentary that’s increasingly rare in this age of ‘expert’ (read ‘former Test player’) commentators.

“In his work, there’s always the generous acknowledgment that this is something people have to listen to, that people have to read.”

A more generous, yet not fulsome, assessment from a colleague in the journalism fraternity would be hard to find, and perhaps in a reluctant manner, the fastidious always wary Cozier would concur. (AB)

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