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DEAR CHRISTINE: Hubby livid about my weight gain


DEAR CHRISTINE: Hubby livid about my weight gain

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DEAR CHRISTINE, I AM having a problem in my marriage and want to know if other women feel the same way that I do.

When I married my husband I was a mere 135 pounds; that was ten years ago. I have now “blossomed”, if you can call it that, to 190 pounds and my husband is livid.

We have no children. He keeps asking me to lose weight. Because of his oftentimes “embarrassing comments”, I have now reached a stage where I no longer enjoy sexual intercourse with him. In fact, I hide my body because I am embarrassed.

He has apologised to me but I cannot seem to be intimate with my husband unless all the lights are turned off in our bedroom.

Is this normal? I mean, can it get so bad that a wife has to hide her body from her husband just because she has gained additional weight? I have tried dieting, but that has not been very effective. Please tell me what to do.

– H.L.

Dear H.L.,

I see no reason why you should have to hide your body from your husband. That body became his from the moment you said your wedding vows.

However, you have a right to stay healthy and to look after any weight gain. Try speaking to a doctor or dietician to see if they can recommend a diet which will help you to lose weight.

While your husband had the right to tell you about your weight loss, it is probably the manner in which he did that caused you concern. I think he is insensitive. The mere fact that he is willing to be intimate with you with the lights off is also ridiculous and can affect your marriage in the long run when he would like to be intimate any time of the day.

I am not sure about your height in relation to your weight, but it is obvious to me that you are concerned about your weight.

See the doctor or a dietician.  You can lose those pounds and be more attractive in the eyes of your husband.