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Alison Hinds in South African/Bajan film collab

Sunday Times/SAT

Alison Hinds in South African/Bajan film collab

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SOCA QUEEN Alison Hinds has already proven she is no slouch in the acting department and is set to expand her foray into that segment of entertainment with a new role.

Hinds has landed a part in the film Umthetho Ngumthetho: The Law is the Law, a collaboration between Barbados and the South African Monarchy Group.

Ernest Nkosi, Thato Dhladla and Enos Manthata of the Monarchy Group were on island last year for the 2015 Barbados International Film Festival where they showcased their film Thina Sobabili.

“The audience loved the film so much, and we met various people who said, ‘Let’s do a film together’,” Nkosi is quoted in Zambia’s Sunday Times.

“The Barbados government got on board because they would like to build diplomatic ties with South Africa, plus it will create jobs and boost tourism to both countries, so we adapted the script to be the story of a young Xhosa man who has to marry his brother’s widow but then falls in love with a girl from Barbados.”

Hinds shared her thoughts on how she sees her role.

“I play the mother of the principal female character and I hope to bring believability to this role. I don’t want the audience to see the Soca Queen but the character…

“This film is an opportunity for Barbados and South Africa to learn about each other culturally, musically, spiritually, even politically. I hope the audience will leave with some understanding of why people sometimes do the things they do … I hope this movie makes people stop and think.”

She revealed it was her role in Two Smart – for which she won Best Supporting Actress – that impressed the South African trio.

“I didn’t know it at the time but the guys apparently were impressed by what they saw of me in the clip from the film that was shown at the awards,” said Hinds.

“In February I received a call from Enos. He told me they had written another movie and had written a part for me and would I be interested … of course my answer was yes!”

The Monarchy group say they are still seeking funding for the South African side of the production. Their local National Film and Video Foundation told them “to come back next year, but the Barbados side is set to go and we want to start filming in July”. (Sunday Times/SAT)