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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Tough new boss on hill


FLYING FISH & COU COU: Tough new boss on hill

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That is the loud and clear message being sent to the twosome who once had special favoured status on a hill.

But as this year’s Crop Over season draws near, at least this masquerading team is finding out that the free ride they’ve long enjoyed has come to an abrupt end and not even the efforts to get the knight of ancient history to plead their cause is working on this occasion.

The new boss of the popular lounge is making it clear to all not to fantasize because there simply will be no more “use and don’t pay”.

Some people having heard of the new policy are indicating their total agreement especially since nothing, not the beads, the tops or bottoms are ever free.

The real deal is whether the friend on high will be able to give some commands and make things happen, one more time.

Perhaps, there is simply too much distance on this occasion.

When the messenger is killed

TALK ALL AROUND THE TOWN is about a messenger who got transferred, just so.

Apparently he refused to carry a man with a booming voice to a funeral. Some are now wondering whether it is coincidence or whether it is by design that he no longer works near Culloden Farm, the dilapidated former official Prime Minister’s residence.

Word is that the messenger said he was clear what his duties are and taking people out and about, whether they are from the south coast or from St Peter, was not in his job description and he would not comply.

A few days after, just so, he working some place else.

Top brass clash

A WOMAN recently promoted to the rank of colonel and chief-of-staff in Horatio’s army has been reporting that the brigadier general at the helm of the army’s defence board has not handed over a letter of appointment duly expected.

Word is that this young four-star general, not schooled in the ways of the battalion which safeguards the army of occupation, feels that there are too many things which he does not agree within the letter. But the chief-of-staff has made it clear her appointment is understood by verbal agreement and at the expressed wishes and directions of the Defence Board.

Already the brigadier general is under pressure, for even his deputy has already said the chief-of-staff’s appointment is clearly and legally bounding.

This is but one of the many troubles facing the head of the Defence Board of Horatio’s army.

Already there is a war brewing over the decision on how best to protect the wellness of the army of occupation members.

The young four-star general feels that partisan motives are working against him, but it shows how little he understands what is happening around him or the culture of his army. He should recognise the importance of saying grace before and after every meal and learn to ask the correct questions. He should also recognise there is more than one ten per cent.

Inches comes up short

WHERE WAS THE short man some call “Inches”?

That is the question people with water in their eyes were asking last weekend.

Yes, the lass had exposed the wrongs under his watch, but that was no reason why Inches should not have come to say goodbye.

Many of these scribes and talkers felt it was a sign of disrespect and were not amused.

Even if he is upset at the behaviour of the woman whom he took with him on the hill in the east, expecting it was until death parted them, but that did not go according to vows, there was no reason to appear to be so off-handed with the final farewell for the little lass.