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Governance in deep trouble


Governance in deep trouble

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RESIDENT BARBADIANS will be found guilty of treason by future generations, for their failure to protect the legacy entrusted by our ancestors on their behalf. We must respectfully speak up and speak out and not just be humble while grumbling. Who will lead the people? Neither Clement Payne or General Bussa will be returning. 

After listening to the recent no-confidence motion, I am compelled to share my observations for our governance is in deep trouble.

The parliamentary debates seem like one live free comedy show. They are exercises in lame oratorical prowess. Some contributions  lacked substance. Bajans are perceived as not analytical by elected officials.

It would appear the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) is being accused of wrongfully accusing the Democratic Labour Party (DLP). BLP and DLP are not fundamentally different as labour parties. Sometimes the behaviour seems like a wild bunch in a saloon.

Citizens are well informed by the DLP thanks to excellent public relations. Theatrics seems to be the order of the country’s affairs.

Freundel Stuart is the best Prime Minister Barbados has ever had and Cahill waste-to- energy project is the best thing since sliced bread, the DLP would have us believe.

Never will we see the office of a contractor general created in Barbados.

Taking gifts or receiving things from benefactors in kind is good governance. Integrity legislation is not necessary in Barbados. National community recycling is being totally ignored for some covert reason.

DLP justifies Cahill by the BLP white elephant at Greenland. A freedom of information act is not needed for Bajans need not know.

All persons seeking elective office should be tested for their propensity to read.Most elected members of Parliament appear not widely read in world affairs.

The poor governance blame game continues where the DLP justifies poor governance by highlighting poor governance of past BLP administrations.

Harold Blackman was a true political maverick who put country before party. No political mavericks exist in the DLP, only a humbled Eager 11.

Barbados will never see asset disclosure of politicians under the DLP or BLP.

Finally, Barbados is on a trajectory when the politicians will not be seen as trustworthy or men of honour. A new way must be found.