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DEAR CHRISTINE: Feeling guilty over near mistake


DEAR CHRISTINE: Feeling guilty over near mistake

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DEAR CHRISTINE, I HAVE A FEELING I will feel better about something that happened years ago if I share it with you. In the course of his work my husband has had to be away for long spells.

On one occasion the company sent him away for six months on a special course. It was during this time that I started going out with some friends. They took me out a couple of times and then I was on my own again except for one man who kept in touch.

We started going out on our own. He was much fun but gradually he started getting serious and one night we almost had intercourse. I caught myself in time and told him we were never to see each other again.

He telephoned a couple of times and I refused and gradually this whole thing died down except when it crosses my mind which has been happening often recently.

– H.V.

Dear H.V.,

Please help me with this one. I am trying to understand what your real problem is. You did not have intercourse with this man, but yet you’re feeling a sense of guilt?

You did not betray your husband, so what’s to tell?

If you feel you must say something, then be sure you know how your husband will react.

I am not telling you not to share with your husband, but I am trying to get past the fact that you did nothing wrong.

You sought friendship when he was away for a long time. When it threatened to become more serious you broke away. Your behaviour is to be admired not condemned.

I would say you took very good care of the situation. Stop dragging around an incident which, from all accounts, you were able to handle quite well.