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Ice Factory up for sale

MARIA BRADSHAW, [email protected]

Ice Factory up for sale

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ONE of the most recognisable buildings on Tudor Street is up for sale.

The asking price for Miller Brothers Ice Factory is $2.7 million.

The building, with its statues of Venus and two Greek gods, has long been a significant landmark in Bridgetown. It was built in 1938.

Owned by the Miller family, it sold block ice before moving on to selling party ice.

Luther Miller, whose father Freddie, a former parliamentarian, bought the building in 1960, told THE NATION  it was being sold along with the building next door.

Block ice

“It was an ice factory. We used to sell block ice and things of that nature but as party ice took over the market block ice sort of dwindled in its popularity because it didn’t satisfy the needs of the sno-cone vendors. Even sno-cone sellers are far and in between now,” he said.

Luther said the building, which stands on 17 000 square feet of land, was now being rented to third parties.

Of the statues which adorn the front of the stone building, Miller said they were imported by his father after he renovated the structure.

“He was always an avid follower of Greek mythology so he imported the three statues; Venus De Milo is at the top being supported underneath by two other Greek gods. That was always his passion. He used to make jokes that the statue on top, Venus, was his loving daughter (Dame) Billie (former MP for the City), being supported by his two sons, Luther and Buddie… That was the joke around town.”

Asked if he would wish the new owners to retain the design, Miller said, “Everybody got to do what they want from their business point of view. I wouldn’t want to tie anybody’s hand.” (MB)