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WEDNESDAY WOMAN: When it comes to hair, she’s a natural

MICHRON ROBINSON, [email protected]

WEDNESDAY WOMAN: When it comes to hair, she’s a natural

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MICHELE “SHELLY” WARD decided to take hair to the “next level” for the sake of her mother Eldine, who died exactly 20 years ago.

This fun-loving 43-year-old knows just how to transform any bad hair day into a good one.

With her salon assistant Jallicia Carter next to her side, the mother of three has been working miracles for natural hair sisters for the past ten years in Parish Land, Christ Church.

“I was doing this from the time I was 13 years old; I actually started off doing my own hair and graduated from there,” she said.

However, the single mother said she was not confident enough in the early days to open her own salon and made the decision to work for someone else. But her drive and passion were such that eventually she could not see herself as just an employee. Her mother’s death also helped to spur her to do greater things in her chosen field.

And so in the year 2006 Shelly’s Natural Hair Creations was born.

“It is way more comfortable and flexible working for me and even if my children are not interested, that’s okay. they could branch off into doing their own thing,” Ward said.

Actually, she said the bond between her and her assistant is so close that she has considered passing on the business to the 23-year-old Carter.

Ward’s youngest daughter Nicshayla saw the hard work her mother was putting in over the years and has decided at age 11 that she wants her own make-up artistry business as she has seen the benefits of being her own boss.

Son Dominique, 21, is making his mark as a young electrician and her oldest daughter Nakala wants to be an accountant.

Ward isn’t the office type and also has a relationship with her kitchen.

“I love to cook,” she said.

“I would do a different dish every day if I could. If I’m not doing hair, I’m in there.”

Dominique, who also loves cooking, can throw down a baked chicken better than she could, mum said.

The all-round artist loves the fact that her job allows her to be present for her children and believes parents should not force their children to do what they aren’t interested in.

“I would feel good if they would like to get involved, but if it’s not their thing, I can’t force them,” she explained.

“I don’t think my children will want to do what I’m doing and that’s okay. After seeing me working so hard I understand.

“They may not see things the way I do.”

Ward said that by the time she put her hands in someone’s hair, she had already visualized the design.

Day in, day out she encourages her clients to try to do things the organic and natural way.

If anyone has a problem with hair growth, her mixture of “rosemary, tea-tree oil and olive oil, works wonders”, she said.

Her preference is also for natural hair as “you can’t go wrong”.

“I think working with what you have naturally is the best way to go than putting all those chemicals in your hair,” said the August-born.

However, Ward said that “in all honesty” she sometimes chose to wear some type of weave for the sake of change.

She is also a stickler for proper grooming.

“I believe as a woman you need to be well groomed and I can’t stand when a woman isn’t.”

As for Shelly’s Natural Creations, Ward said all things are possible with God and that’s why she lives her life fearlessly and fiercely. (MR)