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Thank you and goodbye Ambrose


Thank you and goodbye Ambrose

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FOR A WHILE NOW I have been very concerned about the validity of having Sir Curtly Ambrose as a bowling coach for West Indies team. I felt from observation that he was trying too hard to be one of the boys, hairstyle and all. In the recent upheavals he seemed not to be much of a leader.

I congratulate whoever made the decision to replace him with a more disciplined character in the form of Mr Roddy Estwick. The team needs all the strong discipline it can get from its staff. Thank you, Sir Curtly, but goodbye.

In relation to the National Sports Council and the schools regarding the number of netball teams a school can enter in a competition, it should not be in any way restricted to one team, especially for the big primary schools. That is a very backward decision and I am glad it was overruled by those who have that power.

In all the sports disciplines where a school can field more than one team, it should be allowed to enter them. All schools don’t enter the competitions so the fixtures should be able to accommodate them.

We must encourage as much participation as possible and nurture the students’ skills from as early as possible.

STEPHEN M. BLANCHARD, retired teacher.