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The complete journalist


The complete journalist

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TONY COZIER WAS ONE OF a very rare breed; those who carry the accolade of “the complete journalist”.

The number of people who could occupy that hallowed ground would not even fill the fingers of one hand.

Cozier worked in all but one area of the media making his mark in news and especially in sports. His outstanding work touched newspaper, radio, television, magazines, news agencies like Associated Press, the Internet and expanded into publishing.

They are some who can boast of working in news and sports but Tony Cozier went much further, dominating wherever he pulled out his notebook and pen or set up his typewriter, later to become his laptop or his microphone.

The one area that Tony Cozier did not make his mark was that of photography. But with the gifted Gordon Brooks by his side he did not need that talent.

I met Tony Cozier on the grounds of Wanderers Cricket Club in Dayrells Road when we were much younger and we maintained a very cordial relationship.

When Tony joined The Nation as editor I was already horse racing correspondent and our professional relationship was enhanced. Most people who had the misguided notion that he only knew about cricket and I horse racing would have been shocked at the wide ranging conversations that we had.

The late Eric Nurse and I also had the pleasure of filling in for him as AP correspondent when he was overseas.

Tony Cozier has truly written his name on history’s page. That page has been extended around the world and is one that will be visited regularly. He took us to the great moments in sports and, thanks to technology, whenever we relive those moments his voice will be there, reminding us and living on.

Six years ago Tony did me the great honour of accepting my invitation to my 45th anniversary service. It was certainly a tremendous pleasure to have him as one of my guests.

To his entire family, especially his wife, children and sister Andrea I extend heartfelt condolences.

Like the entire sporting world I mourn the passing of this great and outstanding Barbadian son.

 • Mike Goddard is a retired journalist.