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Shame on you, PM Stuart


Shame on you, PM Stuart

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OBVIOUSLY, THE PRIME MINISTER of Barbados has been fortunate enough not to have had any financial dealings with CLICO, or for that matter any of his relatives.

Had he or any of his relatives been victims of the disastrous CLICO affair, I am sure he would not have risked his reputation in defending Leroy Parris who, as chief executive officer, of CLICO must be held responsible for the collapse of what was supposed to be a prosperous and solid company that encouraged people – like my husband – to put all of their life savings into what they thought was a good investment and who now have to live a life of financial pain in their senior years.

Shame on you, Mr Stuart, to go as far as saying that you would rather have Leroy Parris as your friend than Mia Mottley.

Are you aware of how many Barbadians are suffering because of what took place with CLICO? Are you aware that these Barbadians – including my husband and I – have had their lives changed overnight because of the greed and irresponsible behaviour of the top brass at CLICO.

As CEO, Mr Parris cannot be blameless and especially when they can continue living their life of luxuary while we have to count our pennies.