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TALKBACK: Readers want best for children of dead mum

SHERRYLYN TOPPIN, [email protected]

TALKBACK: Readers want best for children of dead mum

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SYMPATHY POURED IN for two children who lost their mother last week.

The children, ages three and six years, were taken by the Child Care Board after their 25-year-old mother Rowena Burnett was found dead in her Hastings, Christ Church apartment last Wednesday.

No one knows if there are any relatives who can take the children. NATION investigations revealed Burnett migrated to Barbados from Guyana to stay with her grandmother several years ago, but the grandmother has also died.

Authorities still have to determine if any of the children were born here or if they are the offspring of Burnett’s boyfriend.

Police say no foul play is suspected, but the death has been ruled “unnatural” and investigations will continue.

Online readers shared their thoughts on the situation.

Erica Murray: My condolences to the mother. But I hope someone would reach out to help the children. Having their mother gone could be a very terrifying moment for the little ones at this time. May God send an angel to care for these children.

Cynthia Taitt: This is a rather disturbing set of circumstances, a 25-year-old woman now deceased, without known relatives and two very young children. I am hoping for someone to come forward and give comfort to these children who will most certainly be bewildered at the loss of their mother. May this young mother rest in peace.

Daneale O’neale: Where is the father? Is he dead also? Not to worry, I am sure some relative will show up. They always do in circumstances like this. Then we hear the whole story why the mother was in this situation.

Mark Alexander Hurdle-Rowe: What an awful situation to be presented with. Now they have to be subjected to the sterile “love” that is called child social services. Those children need the highest form of caring, love and attention we can all give them right now. They need to be cared for and wrapped with the biggest cotton wool of love possible. They just lost their earth mother; there is nothing more heartbreaking.

Wendy Clarke: I would love to be blessed with two more babies. May God watch over them and bless them in their time of need and comfort.

Verdene Nicholls: Sad, sad, sad! I hope a family member will be found to care for these unfortunate children. Life isn’t easy at all.

Joy Wharton: If I lived in Bim I would step up and help, ’cause they are gonna need lots of care, especially emotionally.

Rosalind Eastmond: The children must have been so scared, and then no one to even give them a hug. Lord have mercy.

Matie Siew: Where is the kids’ father? Lord, I pray they will be safe.

Christopher Macauley: The two children now deserve the best that the Government can provide for them.

Sonia Cadogan: God is in control of all situations. He will work it out for the children. Sad.

Ryvan Bigman: Where’s the father? If I was there I would adopt them.

• Sherrylyn Toppin is THE NATION’s Online Editor.