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Beware of Greeks bearing gifts


Beware of Greeks bearing gifts

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“Authorities are pinning their hopes on the Carlisle Bay area to give Bridgetown a major economic lift.

“A new hotel bearing the Hyatt brand is already earmarked for Lower Bay Street. In addition, Government has been continuing discussions with Chinese officials in an effort to further develop the stretch of beachside real estate from the Pierhead to Upper Bay Street. The goal is to have five new hotels in the area.

“The investment of US$1 billion, which is in addition to current investments, will add 4 000 rooms to the island’s accommodation sector and enhance the shopping, dining and entertainment experience in Bridgetown, establishing it as a First World city by 2025,” it said.

“The Carlisle Bay Development, which covers over two kilometres of beachfront land . . . will include: an iconic performing arts/conference facility, five new hotels  (an additional 1 500 rooms), a marina, (and) entertainment facilities.”

Barbados Tourism Investment Inc., Hopes On Carlisle Bay, MIDWEEK NATION, April 13.

PRAY TELL ME PEOPLE, do you have permission from UNESCO to build hotels and a marina in the middle of Bridgetown?

Do you think that Bridgetown will become a First World city just at your wish and command? First World countries do not hide things from their citizens nor engage in anything which is for their leaders’ own gratification.

How many marinas do we need in such a small country as ours? From where will the water come, seeing that Barbados is a water-scarce country, and many residents are already being deprived of something which it’s their human right to have?

Will the vehicles park in underground car parks or multistorey ones?

Will we need a new sewage plant in Bridgetown?

What sweetheart deals are these hotels getting?

Will the labour be split like for Sam Lord’s Castle – i.e. 60 per cent Chinese, and the rest for the indigenous?

How many of this workforce will be allowed to remain in Barbados, thereby taking up jobs which the indigenous can do?

Where will the indigenous people and those tourists who cannot afford the horrendous prices of the hotels  to be built on our beaches go?

All that will be seen from the Pierhead to Upper Bay Street will be the backs of hotels for the rich, the famous, and the bigoted.

Once again this “people-centred Government” will be depriving the populace of this country of what is rightfully theirs – access to their beaches. They are our beaches – not any Government’s, nor any private sector entity’s either.

Those staying in such hotels will not spend any money in Barbados, because everything will be paid up front as is the case with all-inclusive hotels, and the foreign exchange will be heading out. They won’t have to leave their ivory towers unless they are going on some guided tour.

Borrowbados is at it again.

The Chinese are now our best friends, but I remember what they have done to some parts of Africa.

I think that we should put more into dealing with the Spanish-and French-speaking countries which are close to us.

“Beware of gift-bringing Greeks.”