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Venezuelan envoy to spread word about Pan-Africanism

GERCINE CARTER, [email protected]

Venezuelan envoy to spread word about Pan-Africanism

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OUTGOING VENEZUELAN AMBASSADOR Jose Gomez Febres says he plans to spread the Barbadian message of Pan-Africanism among black Venezuelans.

Febres’ five-year tour of duty in Barbados comes to an end in three weeks, and at his farewell reception last night, he said his exposure to the Barbados Pan-African movement had alerted him to the peculiarities of Pan-Africanism of which he was unaware before coming here, even though there were Venezuelans of African descent.

Addressing an audience of fellow diplomats and local Pan-Africanists, Febres gave the assurance that he would be reaching out to the black communities on his return to Venezuela to share some of the education he had gleaned in Barbados on the whole story of an African heritage. (GC)

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