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DEAR CHRISTINE: Should I set married man free?


DEAR CHRISTINE: Should I set married man free?

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DEAR CHRISTINE, I am a 26-year-old single mother who recently met a man on the Internet. He told me he was separated from his wife but has two children with her.

I would say that everything between us was going great until he said his wife returned home because she could not make it on her own.

He is now saying that he wants to work things out with his wife. This only happened after I told him I was going to be visiting his country for a short vacation.

He still sends me emails telling me that he loves me and he hopes things will work out for the two of us. How can they if his wife has returned home?

Now I do not know if to stay in contact with him or just release him to sort out his marriage.

Should I continue to hope and stay in contact with him? I’ll look for your answer online since I am not from your country.

– S.L.

Dear S.L.,

People you meet on the Internet can pretend to be who they wish to be. In your case, I think this man was stringing you along, until you decided to visit his country. It’s when you get there that you’ll probably realise he has a happy home and his wife has always been there.

When speaking to people on the Internet, you have no way of knowing if someone is speaking truth or fiction. The mere fact that he is still married should make you want to cut all ties.

Try finding a partner other than those on the Internet. You never know who you are really chatting up.


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