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No manipulation of protest numbers


No manipulation of protest numbers

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I WISH TO PUT what I deem an important question to the Barbadian public.

Given the experience, cunning, qualifications, and status of Ms Mia Mottley, do you not believe that if the planned march which took place on May 19, 2016 was about optics, that Ms Mottley would not have known how to create such an illusion?

All she had to do was mobilise people in her constituency and have her members do the same, provide the necessary transportation to the heart of Bridgetown and we all move merrily along in unison.

Being a leader sometimes calls for risks and gambles, but more importantly, it requires conviction which propels an individual to do what is known to be right in the interest of the people they lead.

This is where the right of choice comes into play and Ms Mottley respected every Barbadian’s right when she created and led the forum for all and sundry.

The point needs to be made to Barbadians that it is not only the Barbados Labour Party members who have the responsibility to oppose the Government in power.

The ultimate message by the Leader of the Opposition, where she illustrated that the power of the people is stronger than the people in power, was poignantly made.

It was not necessary for 1937 to repeat itself. We are now a more educated people. On May 19 that march was executed in peace and order. No one was manipulated to make up numbers.

The message was sent to the governing party that Barbadians are not supportive or pleased with a number of issues as were highlighted and reinforced in Parliament via a no-confidence motion.

If Government does not believe the numbers who marched do not represent the views of the people, then all I have to say to them is to carry on smartly with the proposed restoration of your salaries and continue to ignore the many issues which Ms Mottley had spoken to ad nauseum. Then we shall all surely gauge the level of success of the march.