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BARBADOS’ BEST EMPLOYERS: Human capital holds the key

SHAWN CUMBERBATCH, [email protected]

BARBADOS’ BEST EMPLOYERS: Human capital holds the key

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BARBADIAN BUSINESS LEADERS, corporate executives and other individuals have an opportunity to get an expert view on how they can maximise the effectiveness of their workforce.

The chance will come when Lori Stohs, an American human capital consultant, facilitator, coach and speaker, addresses the Barbados’ Best Employers luncheon on June 21. There is also another opportunity on June 22 when Stohs hosts a breakfast seminar.

She founded Lori Stohs Consulting to help organisations “maximise their effectiveness through their most valuable asset, their human capital”.

Stohs is expected to give her Barbadian audience various insights into how they can reap the full benefits from their human resource. 

But just what makes her an expert in this specific area? Before starting Lori Stohs Consulting in 2009, she served as a global account executive for Microsoft. In this role she consulted with companies to create technology solutions to meet business needs and strategic plans.

Prior to this, Stohs served as a principal at Gallup Consulting, a global research-based consultancy firm. This saw her consulting organisations worldwide to design and execute business solutions that enhance individual and organizational performance.

She specialised in employee and customer engagement, and strengths-based selection, brand development, performance metrics and performance management, executive coaching, people strategy and strength-based developmental solutions. She also managed the development and delivery of leadership, management, and education programs to clients worldwide through the design and development of Gallup University.

Stohs’ years of impactful business coaching with companies from all over the globe have helped move leaders to higher levels of performance. The consultant specialises in strategic planning, performance management, organisational performance, selection and development and strength-based development.

“Lori combines her years of experience with relevant, up to date data to develop a coaching plan that is tailored to each client’s needs. Her talent is helping organizations understand and enhance their culture to build engagement in their workforce,” information from her firm’s website stated.

“She is an expert at helping leaders and individuals discover, understand and develop their unique strengths and talents. Her years of working with individuals and corporate teams have honed her ability to break a group of individuals down by their strengths, immediately recognising potential pitfalls and unrecognised opportunities for success.”

Her area of expertise is one sought out by companies around the world. This is important in the context of information which shows the significance of having a fully engaged workforce.

Lori Stohs Consulting said studies had shown that less than a third of the United States population was fully engaged in their work over our lifetime”.

“Many of us spend 75 per cent of our time at work. Our daily work has become a key factor to our success and happiness. Stress, unhappiness and psychological distress in the workplace are associated with lost productivity,lacklustre performance, various health concerns, increased absenteeism and turnover rates.”

There was a “direct interrelationship between our work and our happiness”.

“For organisations, there is a direct relationship between disengaged employees and lost revenue potential.  Think about it in simple terms: when an employee is disengaged, even mildly, they tend to under-produce, and tend to develop negative attitudes which can infect those around them, in particular, your customers.” (SC)