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LOOKA LEW: Simple t’ings, big news


LOOKA LEW: Simple t’ings, big news

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THEM HAD TWO THINGS in the international news this week that catch my attention, both happened in America and involved children. The first one is the teacher who get fired for not calling a girl a boy, and the other one is the gorilla at the zoo that get shoot.

So hear this, cause I feel the world gone stark staring mad, a teacher in Texas lost her li’l pick after she failed to address a six-year-old girl as a boy.

According to the reports, the child, whose parents are same sex, is transgender. In other words, this child, though born with all the plumbing of a female, identifies as a boy, and the parents insist that she be called a boy.

The teacher, who happens to be a Christian, said as far as she was concerned the child is a girl so she will refer to the child as “she”. The parents complained and the teacher was fired.

Well, the teacher got the school in court so we will see how that plays out.

Now this is my thing, I respect everybody; gay, straight, bend up, and in between. If when I went to school with you and your name was Donald, and then later in life you went and had the plumbing removed and now identifies as a woman and goes by the name of Donella, when I see you I gine shout you as Donella, cause as far as I concern you is a big adult and you could make those kinda decisions.

But if you gine tell me that your six-year-old daughter identifies as a boy and therefore as a teacher I must address her as a boy, I would simply be addressing the child by its name, cause (1) I ain’t losing my li’l job, and (2) what gine happen next week when the child identifies as an airplane, or a superhero?

Me, I was born a man, but I identify as broke so I guess I should be able to go in the bank and take up some money.

Anyhow, the other thing that got the world talking is this. A three-year-old boy somehow managed to get away from his parents and fell into the gorilla cage at the Cincinnati Zoo. Video footage can be seen of the 400-pound gorilla dragging about this child.

Authorities made the decision that the child’s life was in danger so they shot and killed the gorilla, and the world went mad. That story has occupied world news for the past few days, with many people, including animal activists, saying that they were wrong to shoot the animal.

Mind you, this is an animal which experts say can crush a coconut with one hand. They also said that shooting it with a tranquiliser would have taken too long to work.

But I know how li’l children does be. Sometimes you holding a li’l child’s hand and barely relax your grip, and sudden so the child pulls away from you and takes off running.

And the people who saying that they should not have killed the gorilla only saying so because their child wasn’t in there with it. People like to talk til the shoe on their foot; then it is a different story.

But me, as a child and I had gotten into that cage with that gorilla and the authorities had managed to save my life, I know when I got out, I would have preferred to be back in there with the gorilla, cause my mother would have thanked the Lord for sparing my life, then given me a cut tail out of this world.

See ya.

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