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Blackman and Gollop pupils excited about environment

MICHRON ROBINSON, [email protected]

Blackman and Gollop pupils excited about environment

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STUDENTS OF THE Blackman and Gollop Primary School today went the full nine yards with their World Environmental Day celebrations.

Excited pupils from Classes One to Four at the Staple Grove, Christ Church School dedicated their efforts towards tree planting, touring the old Staple Grove plantation and showcasing their operational solar ovens and mini greenhouses.

Managing director of Solar Dynamics Ltd James Husbands conducted a session with the Class Four students on solar energy and made a donation of seven trees.

The Neem plants and Lignum Vitae or “Tree of Life” were very much appreciated by principal Olwin Walker who said they would offer additional shade on the large property.

Organiser of the event and reception teacher Karma Jones said though this was the first time hosting the event, she was excited by the enthusiasm the students showed and was looking forward to next year.

World Environment Day was observed yesterday(MR)