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HEALING HERBS: Enhancing our happiness

ANNETTE MAYNARD-WATSON, [email protected]

HEALING HERBS: Enhancing our happiness

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IT IS IMPORTANT as Caribbean people to become involved with activities which will lead us towards happiness.

As we become more developed and are exposed to more and more modern electronic devices, fancy cars, expensive brand name clothes and accessories, longer “mock” hair, luxurious homes and higher academic qualifications, we often state “I am still unhappy”.

How do I know we are unhappy? It shows on our faces, we utter unhappy statements on social media and we are committing unhappy acts daily. 

Philosopher Aristotle said: “. . . The function of man is to live a certain kind of life, and this activity implies a rational principle, and the function of a good man is the good and noble performance of these, and if any action is well performed, it is performed in accord with the appropriate excellence: if this is the case, then happiness turns out to be an activity of the soul in accordance with virtue.” (Nicomachean Ethics, 1098a13).

There are many activities which we can add to our daily movements to help with enhancing our happiness. Some include:

1. Cultivating optimism – This entails viewing the universe as a place containing endless opportunity. Personally, it is my desire to pursue my dreams as a master chef, a scenic chauffer and an astronaut.

2. Locate and nurture good relationships – Happy people always have friends who share committed responsibilities that will foster love. Please try to keep your true friends a secret.

3. Develop strategies for coping – Obstacles are a part of everyday life. When obstacles appear, we must have coping strategies to deal with them. When faced with disappointment, I would cry and then walk down my rehearsed path back to happiness.

4. Practice spirituality – Always have the divine source as the healer of all things great or small. When faced with difficult decisions or crises, turn to the “great I Am” for comfort, direction and strength.

5. Practise forgiveness – Forgive those who trespass against you to see true magic unfold.

6. Take care of your health – Ensure that you eat balanced meals, exercise, pray and use plenty of herbal teas. Lemon balm, sorrel and passion fruit tea, to name a few.

7. Avoid being stuck – Let life flow while embracing the chaos. I always try to face adversity with confidence when it appears in my life. If a situation is taking me down, I normally embrace the negativity at the moment and flow with it. Time has proven that victory is always present.

Finally, find happiness and let us truly embrace it and wrap ourselves in it for the entire month of June.

 Annette Maynard-Watson, a teacher and herbal educator, may be contacted via [email protected] or by telephone 250-6450.

 DISCLAIMER: It is not our intention to prescribe or make specific claims for any products. Any attempts to diagnose or treat real illness should come under the direction of your health care provider.