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St Lucy hospital in bad condition


St Lucy hospital in bad condition

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ABOUT THREE OR FOUR YEARS AGO, there was a mad rush to move the residents/patients from the Elaine Scantlebury Centre, Belleplaine, St Andrew, to the compound of the St Lucy District Hospital in River Bay.

This was not a well planned move as the area was cramped and necessary renovations were not properly executed.

Presently, the facility in St Lucy for the elderly, which houses approximately 27 patients, overrun by birds in the roof and droppings falling on patients and staff, is now further compromised by adding nine more female patients from the Elaine Scantlebury Ward. A total now of 36 patients squeezed in sleeping at night.

Imagine what can happen should a fire take place or some infectious disease break out in there? What would be the cost to the taxpayers?

As the facility is under renovations, the 18 males are forced to sleep in one room which previously accommodated the nine females. No one in authority saw it fit to relocate the staff and patients to undertake this major renovation.

This, too, is another fire hazard as the beds are so close that the staff cannot even get between them to clean properly.

The toilet facilities are now too heavily trafficked.

The patients’ care is highly compromised and staff are forced to endure these miserable, cramped and insanitary conditions. The morale is, to say the least, extremely low.

Efforts to have this matter addressed have proved futile, so I do hope it can now be highlighted via this medium so that urgent ameliorative steps can be taken.

We are talking here about the elderly and the mentally challenged. They are humans too and, to some extent, this is abuse.

Persons responsible need to step up to the plate and perform their jobs conscientiously.


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