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DEAR CHRISTINE: Can’t get fancy dancer off mind

Dear Christine

DEAR CHRISTINE: Can’t get fancy dancer off mind

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Dear Christine,

I AM 43 YEARS OF AGE with two children and a good husband. Like many other couples we have our differences, but nothing ever serious.

When the children were much younger, I stayed at home, then later went to work.

Both my husband and I worked very hard to get what we have. Now that things should be running smoothly, I fear there is likely to be trouble.

I was having a bad spell of depression with constant worrying and my doctor said I should get away for a holiday.

This was quite easy to arrange as my husband comes from . . . and I’ve always kept in touch with his family.

So off I went on what turned out to be a most enjoyable holiday. I did things I had not done for years, like going to dances and the cinema.

While attending a special celebration, I met a man who became like a good friend to me. From the time I met him, I found him attractive and interesting. He is also a good dancer.

Well, one thing led to another and soon I found myself hardly able to wait till I could see him again.

Of course, we never gave anyone cause to suspect what was happening. He is most discreet. For a little while, we never even admitted it to ourselves until two nights before I returned home, he made an attempt to kiss me in a way that was more than telling, than the friendly peck on the cheek or the brotherly bear hug.

Instinctively I said no. Now I am back home, this man is forever on my mind. I tell myself I am too much of an adult to take on something like this, but it is not helping.

Apart from my thoughts, Christine, I have not done anything wrong but I know it would hurt my husband if he knew and I would like to get rid of this longing for this man. Can you account for these crazy feelings in a woman of my age?

 – P.Q.

Dear P.Q.,

Feelings of romance can come at any age. I don’t believe you are in love with this man but you find it exciting to be treated like the attractive person you probably are.

I am glad you kept your head and did not give in to temptation. Until you have put this romantic feeling for this man out of your mind, don’t dare make any further contact with him.

Try not to harbour this ghost and let your heart take a good look at the lovely reality that is yours – two children and a good husband.

Your conscience and good judgment have brought you so far safely. Now try to really renew your interest in your husband.

If there is anyone reliable to keep your children, you can leave them for a while and the two of you can go on a weekend staycation.

Alone together, you can both set about bringing romance back into your marriage

If a weekend away from home is not possible, I am sure you can find some kind of leisure, social time together.