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Leaders must say something


Leaders must say something

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WHAT FOLLOWS is being written on the basis of “if you forsee something, say something” (with apologies to the author(s) of a similar catchphrase).

At the beginning of the 20th century, that is, 1900, the world’s population was said to be one billion people.

Today in the 16th year of the 21st century, that figure is now seven billion, a seven-fold increase in a mere 116 years.

That increase was “achieved” despite the following occurrences in that time frame: two world wars which killed millions, followed by almost continuous localised wars in various countries of the Far East, South East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, south east Europe and South America, which killed many millions more each decade.

Recent predictions suggest that the world’s population will continue to grow irrespective of the challenges posed by continuous warfare, poverty, disease and so on, and will reach nine billion by the year 2050 – two billion more in just 34 years. 

That prediction is alarming to say the least, even though I shall not be around in 2050. Alarming because (a) what will the population be in 2100? Twelve billion? and (b) I have not heard any authoritative voices raised in concern about this explosive growth which seems to pose yet another threat to mankind’s existence, second only to global warming.

Perhaps it is pre-occupation on the part of the powers that be with the latter threat, that is the cause of this perceived silence on their part. One can only hope that it is not ignored to a point where it may become necessary to “purge that urge to merge” (again with  apologies; this time to Jimmy Buffet).

Not exactly a thrilling prospect.