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Salute to the Pass Master

Ricardo Leacock

Salute to the Pass Master

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PARENTS OF Class 4 B pupils at Charles F. Broome Primary were so impressed with the way John Gittens taught and prepared their children for the 11-Plus Exam that they got together and planned a surprise church service for him at Covenant Life Teaching Centre yesterday.

They then treated him to a luncheon in Jackson, St Michael.

One of the organisers, Debbie Jones-Wilson, told the DAILY NATION: “Mr Gittens has brought these students up to a standard that we, as parents, are proud of.

“He has led them successfully into the Common Entrance Exam and today we are showing our love and appreciation to him.”

Jones-Wilson said the teacher constantly communicated and worked with them on the progress of the children, and for that they would always be grateful. (RL)