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DEAR CHRISTINE: Damned if I do, damned if I don’t


DEAR CHRISTINE: Damned if I do, damned if I don’t

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DEAR CHRISTINE, I have a problem that I want some advice on.

What does a person do when everyone appears to have a problem with them, work-wise and social-wise. It seems as though no matter what you do nothing is good enough even after you have done your very best.

There are some people who never appreciate anything that you do for them but, rather, are very jealous of you.

I find myself in such a predicament. I do a lot for people, yet it never seems enough. Often I would be leaving myself out to be a good friend but the people are still out to get me for one reason or another.

Work-wise, I know that you should keep your personal life and business life separate and that is just what I do. But my employer is telling me I need to interact more than I do and then when I do, everyone has something to say or complains to my boss behind my back.

I was accused of doing something to one of my clients and I wasn’t told about it until months later.

That untruth could have cost me my job.

Christine, should I fit in with other people or should I remain the same? Even though I leave everything in the hands of the Lord and place all my burdens on Him, I would still like to know what you think.

 I am very frustrated right now.

– N.C.

Dear N.C.,

I feel you are being overly sensitive to things other people might take in their stride. Extreme sensitivity can cut both ways: where you can be a caring and comforting person, and at other times feel hurt.

Anyhow, pertaining to the hurt that someone does not agree with you on a certain matter – that does not mean you’ll never find common ground.

To save you from further hurt to your sensitivity, I would caringly suggest you talk to a trained counsellor or a psychiatrist who I am sure will help you not to let so many people in so many ways hurt you when probably it is not their intention to do so.

And just as you are scared of them hurting you, it is quite possible they are uncertain how to express themselves to you.