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Going big with Little Details

Donna Sealy

Going big with Little Details

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Lana Kirton-Bynoe knows all too well how little details can make a big difference.

The businesswoman is very creative and can work her magic with small budgets.

“Little Details started about four years ago as a decorating company. The name came about from the style of decorating I like which is intimate and focuses more on table settings and making it personal for the client. I also like to do small gifts and I can sit for hours and do 200 versions of one gift, so the name came from that aspect” she said.

She noted that Little Details is part of a larger group.

“We are actually three companies that came together to form a complete event house. My segment is decorating and then we also do gifts and flowers for weddings. I’m a florist; we also have a graphic designer, so we even do stationery for weddings and funerals,” she explained.

The venture came when a friend, who worked with her on events, decided to join her because it was “hard to work separately” in these economic times.

“We decided to put our resources together,” she added.

It was the candy arrangements on her Facebook page that caught the BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY’s attention and, said Kirton-Bynoe, they stemmed from her love of doing creative and uncommon things, plus the fact that she was searching for something different to do for children’s parties.

She creates them under the Lily K brand.

“That was named after my mum who passed 11 years ago. Under that label, I wanted to do products that you don’t really see in Barbados; offer different ideas on wrapping gifts, and create gifts for parties and events that are different,” she said.

“I came across candy arrangements (which are done the same way as flowers but with candy) and I thought it was so original. I haven’t seen it in Barbados as yet. I decided to try and totally fell in love with it.”

Kirton-Bynoe said that the response to the arrangements, which can be customised with the customer’s choice of candy, was “pretty good” and people were impressed by them.

“I try to stay local as much as possible; I work with things I can get here and even try to get my containers from local craft people. You can choose anything.

“For example, you can have a heart healthy treat or chocolate with nuts. It doesn’t even have to be candy. It can be tea or beverage arrangements.

“If you are having a baby shower, I can do arrangements with all things for babies,” she said.

The containers can be as creative as customers want. For example, she uses cars, piggy banks, and favourite characters for children. The theme, containers and clients’ requests “bring the arrangements to life”, she said.

Tired of the loot bags, parents are continually looking for something different and Kirton-Bynoe is willing to oblige. So far, she has done lollipop balls as centrepieces and cupcakes with candy.

Candy can also be used as wedding favours, as well as centrepieces for cocktail parties and dinners.

When she was younger, Kirton-Bynoe planned and decorated for family gatherings and, she noted, what really opened her eyes to decorating was working with Sun Link Tours.

“I still felt I wasn’t ready; I did a lot of work for churches and friends and I was then encouraged to open my own business. I stopped for a while because I went into singing full-time, but people won’t stop calling, so my love for it grew again and that’s how I got back into it,” she said.

She and her husband are in business together and starting it was hard because they did not have a lot of income to do so. They have passed that hurdle now and looking to the future. She would like Little Details to become a household name.

“I love the decorating, but it seems I’m loving the candy arrangements and that creative side of it more.…I would love to be known in Barbados as the “candy arrangement lady”. I know other people will probably try it, but I would love to be the person people think of when they think about those things,” she said with a laugh. (GBM)