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10-MINUTE MANAGER: Matthew Barnett


10-MINUTE MANAGER: Matthew Barnett

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ARE YOU where you’ve always wanted to be?

Yes, from small I’ve always wanted to have a job that allows me to work from home at times and also travel.

What is your biggest professional challenge?

Trying to get clients to think outside the box and not try to go stay on the safe side by wanting to re-create an exact design they saw online.

What is your biggest life challenge?

To express myself on a personal level more and not be misunderstood.

When you look to the future, what do you see?

I see myself as a well known wedding/event planner not only in Barbados but internationally as well.

What is your favourite pastime?

Having a night out with friends at Harbour Lights or some other party scene.

What is your favourite meal?

This is a good question as I have more than one, but I do enjoy a nice pasta but I also love a slice of Chefette pizza and a thick milk shake.

On Saturday nights, where are you likely to be?

You would find me at home relaxing watching TV or playing video games.

What upsets you the most?

I would say rude persons within the service industry.

What is your guiding philosophy?

There is a solution to every problem

If you had the chance to manage Barbados for a day, what would you do?

This is a tricky question, but I would try my best to solve some or at least one of the key problems that the island faces, to at least help bring some hope for the citizens of Barbados that things can be better.