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MAVIS BECKLES: Chaos and confusion in US


MAVIS BECKLES: Chaos and confusion in US

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BUT WHA’ happening in the States? Wha’ really going on up in there, doh? Wha’ wrong wid the police and the black people, especially the men? Wha’ I cahn understand. Evah time ya turn around, another killing, another black man get shoot, and by the police. Wha’ it look like apartheid all ovah again, only it ain’t in South Africa – it is right there in the home o’ the brave and the land of the free.

Last week I write ’bout the advisory dat the American Embassy issued tuh duh citizens telling dem ’bout being vigilant while duh down here fuh the Crop Over celebrations and I really had tuh smile at dem. The truth is, I didn’t want tuh remark pon it but looking at how dem getting up there in dem own country and killing off the people boy children; dem own citizens hear? And sometimes in the most senseless ways. ’Cording tuh my old mother, dem should go and hide duh face in shame bush.

Dem got the nerve tuh tell dem people tuh be vigilant when duh down here where duh more safe than in duh very own country. Wha’ when somebody ain’t gine in a church and riddling the congregation wid bullets, duh gine in a gay night club and shooting and killing anybody who move.

Then ya hearing ’bout the ones who like tuh target the schools and the universities, killing off as many students as they could and then killing demselves.

 No desire for America

 Dat is why I nevah had the desire tuh live in America, ya know: nuh matter how much I was persuaded ovah the years, I couldn’t wrap my mind ’round leaving my sweet Barbados and the Caribbean where I could walk ’bout as I like wid-out fear o’ some crazy body getting up one morning and deciding tuh load up he high-powered guns and go out there and kill off as many people as he could. Now, mind you, these people ain’t do he nutten, hear? He ain’t even know dem but he killing dem.

I think dat every country should do like the Bahamian prime minister and tell duh citizens tuh be careful when duh going up in the states tuh spend the summer vacation. Again, especially the young black boys who come from the islands wid a totally different mindset and doan know or understand how the police out there does think and how dem as young black boys are expected tuh respond when and if duh get a command from the police. Dem ain’t accustom tuh the way dem police out there does operate; the thing is duh does shoot tuh kill.

Nuh wonder most o’ the black Americans does be suh distrusting, standoff-ish and downright rude when duh come away from America. Tuh me duh nevah seem tuh be able tuh let duh hair down, relax and get on like normal everyday people. They does always get on like somebody is out tuh do dem something because dem black.

On the other hand, sometimes I think dat it is because they have gone through suh much anger and hatred over the years. I wonder when the great America gine stop being suh prejudice and hateful. Duh hate the Hispanics, duh hate the Jews, duh hate the Chinese, duh hate the Mexicans and duh double hate the Blacks.

Duh got every single thing ya could think but duh still angry and hateful and look, if Donald Trump is tuh get in the White House at all, it is more predjudice ’cause he ain’t frighten tuh tell you who he ain’t like.

I feel fuh Obama. The man made history by being the first black president o’ the United States of America. The man went in tuh the White House wid a full head o’ black hair and today actually all grey – bare stress. I think dat Obama cahn wait fuh the elections tuh come, so he could live a normal life. I ain’t blame he at all.

Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.