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GRADUATION: Success comes from within, students told

ROY R. MORRIS, [email protected]

GRADUATION: Success comes from within, students told

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GRADUATING STUDENTS of the St John Primary School have been advised that their success at secondary school would not depend on the institution they attend, but the approach they adopt wherever they go.

That advice came from Principal Ometa Hinds while delivering her report at the school’s graduation ceremony recently, as she admonished the students to make God the centre of their lives.

“Focus on your work and be aware of the company with whom you interact,” Hinds said. “Do not waste [the] opportunity of free education to you. Always let the light of excellence be seen.

“Note carefully, it’s not the school you are going to but whom you are taking to the school. You are to go forth and let your light shine in your good behaviour and giving your best performance at all times.

“Even as your time for primary school has come to an end you still have to continue creating a brighter world at your secondary school. You have a second chance to create an even brighter place.

“I am certain as you continue to think about how you can make your new school brighter because you have gone there, remember as you focus on leaving the world brighter and better you would discover that success truly lies within you and it depends upon you!”

The most outstanding student at St John Primary in the 2016 Secondary School Entrance Examination was Shamaya Barker, who will be attending Queen’s College from September. She received 86 in English and 91 in Mathematics with a total score of 237.84 and an A for the essay.

The most outstanding boy was Renaldo Hinds, who scored 82 in English and 67 in Mathematics with a C for the essay. His total score was 221.01. Renaldo will be attending Christ Church Foundation.

Meanwhile, in offering advice to parents, the principal said: “Children look to you for good examples of persons who would create a brighter and better world. Stay close to them as they enter secondary school don’t leave or abandon them saying they are now ‘big’ or ‘older’ in secondary school.

“Encourage them to remain focussed on what successes they want to achieve . . . . Be an integral part of their lives, ask them to share with you the future success they hope to achieve and seek to help them in any way you can. Monitor their time on social media and their different devices.

“Your involvement in your children’s education is pertinent to their success. Nurturing support must be given to your children throughout their school life, whether at primary or secondary.

“This support must not only be financial but should encompass the social, emotional and moral aspects. Such support would enable them to develop a healthy self-esteem.”

The guest speaker was retired teacher Mac Fingall, while among the special guests attending was Member of Parliament for St John Mara Thompson. (RRM)