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Party makes a splash

TONI YARDE, [email protected]

Party makes a splash

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THE ARTISTES who performed at Splash’s Beach House Breakfast Party had just as grand a time as the patrons they entertained.

It was that kind of fete where the party bug hit all who were at the St James property.

From 4 a.m. to 11 a.m. there was non-stop partying, food, drink and fun. The only time people left the dance floor was to go to the bar, the buffet or bathroom. The fresh sea breeze was not enough to cool down the party that had reached sizzling proportions by 8 o’clock as the early morning sun made its mark.

Lil Rick, Mikey, iWeb, and Peter Ram left their elevated positions to join the partygoers. They stayed on hours after they had performed to soak in the action.

The Big People party had songs blasting from speakers that included past soca hits and present-day favourites.

Mikey went as far back as to sing his first song Grass Skirt. Then he fast-forwarded to 2016 and turned up the heat with CEO and Live Fuh Dis.

Former monarch iWeb was large and in charge with Big Up and last year’s song All Inclusive.

Jamar The Starr introduced the next artistes to screams of excitement.

Lil Rick put down one of his best performances ever.

De Hypa Dawg, who performed for close to 45 minutes, had the crowd in the palm of his hand as they sang and danced.

The artiste, who is celebrating 20 years on the soca arena, sang old and new hits. From Hard Wine, Girls Look Good, Waistline Energy and All Is Rum to Bacchanalist, Get Thru, Wine Teef and Iz A Bajan.

Things got dicey for him when he performed his 2016 song Brek Down De Fence.

In the song he sings: “Doan care how hard you pooch back yuh caan brek down my fence . . . Shake that bottom and brek down de fence” . . . Well a woman in the crowd told him that she had what it takes to “brek” his fence. And, having accepted the challenge, the four-time Party Monarch was man enough to admit: “Girl, you brek down my fence, yuh.”

Reigning Party Monarch Peter Ram came on to the music of his popular 2016 song Good Morning.

The party was in full swing and Ram’s All Ah We sent the crowd into a frenzy.

Soca Superman DJ Alvin Toppin kept the pace from around 9:20 till the end.

He took a trip down memory lane with hits from Spice, Ras Iley, Grynner, Square One and krosfyah. He also fielded requests from the feters and included a bashment soca session and hits from Hypasounds.

If you feel as though you missed out on all the action last Saturday, you have a chance to make waves with Splash when they stage a pool party at the same location on Saturday, July 23.