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DEAR CHRISTINE: Money no longer stretching


DEAR CHRISTINE: Money no longer stretching

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DEAR CHRISTINE, Recently, the man I have been living with for the past three years have been making what used to be a happy life, one of misery. It’s all over food and money.

He is in the habit of giving me a certain amount of money every week and expects his food a certain way. Well, with the cost of living going up, I just cannot get the money to do what it did before. I have to cut corners.

I thought he would understand because even if he does not go to the supermarket with me, he is forever buying expensive things for himself while I cannot manage to get the food he likes with the money that he gives me.

When I worked I was able to help out, but now with a baby on the way I cannot manage and I am finding it very hard. What do you suggest I do?

– P.H.

Dear P.H.

Men, because they don’t usually grocery shop do not always realise the cost of living. I suggest for the next few weeks you keep a detailed account of all the money you have spent on housekeeping and show this to him, so he could see how the money is spent. You could also try inviting him to do shopping with you.

I’m sure the prices he will see will prove quite a revelation. These methods should help him to realise he’ll have to make do with what you can get from what he gives or give you sufficient to provide him with the food he prefers.


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