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Pokemon GO takes off in Barbados

MICHRON ROBINSON, [email protected]

Pokemon GO takes off in Barbados

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IT HAS TAKEN over the world by storm and people in Barbados are also getting caught up in the craze.

What are we talking about? Pokemon GO – the world’s newest fad.

The upgraded game made by game developer company Niantic crisscrosses the virtual world of gaming and reality and is compatible with most Android and iOS users who use their cameras while playing the game.

However, as fun as it sounds many have reported injuries from butting into walls and poles in search of the virtual creatures.

Trinidadian cricketer Sheveh Williams  who is on a tour to Barbados told NATION ONLINE the reappearance of the game was a pleasant surprise for the “90’s kids”.

“It’s a risk and it could also pose a threat to others and yourself. So I won’t say there’s an advantage. [Besides] I was almost knocked down and fallen over stairs and though I’m not that desperate to catch them [the Pokemon] it really is addictive,” he said while walking along Broad Street with friends.

Meanwhile Jarred Earlington, an 18-year-old Barbados Community College student was found sitting on a bench in the hot sun yesterday, sweaty palmed with a phone in hand waiting to battle Pokemon with a group of friends.

He said he had joined with other gamers on the “Official Pokemon” Facebook page. (MR)

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