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IT MATTERS TO MARIA: Call to change temporary route

MARIA BRADSHAW, [email protected]

IT MATTERS TO MARIA: Call to change temporary route

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A COMMUTER is suggesting that the Transport Board change the temporary route it has implemented on the Sugar Hill/Bathsheba, St Joseph route as a result of the temporary closure of Waterford Bottom, St Michael.

Buses now leave the Fairchild Street Bus Terminal and travel to Tweedside Road, on to Two Mile Hill and then the ABC Highway to rejoin the normal route at the Clyde Walcott Roundabout at Hothersal Turning.

However, the commuter said that this was posing problems since roadworks were also taking place at Tweedside Road, St Michael, and it was taking about an hour-and-a-half for the bus to get from the terminal to Hothersal Turning.

He added that people living or working along Station Hill and Hindsbury Road, in St Michael, and who depended on buses on the route were being disadvantaged.

He suggested that the buses be rerouted back to Hindsbury Road and Station Hill but then proceeding on to Codrington Road, Green Hill and back to the Highway en route to Hothersal Turning.

In his opinion this would reduce the time and also take care of people along Hindsbury Road and Station Hill.

When contacted about this suggestion, Lynda Holder, corporate communications specialist at the Transport Board, said officials would have to test the proposed change to see how feasible it was and suggested that the commuter also contact the board.

The wall along Waterford Bottom St Michael being rebuilt by workers of MTW.


However she pointed out that the closure of Waterford Bottom, a major artery, had led to congestion of traffic in and out of The City.

“I don’t know how taking that route is going to shorten the time but we will look into it,” Holder said.

She added that the Transport Board was informed that Waterford Bottom would be closed until further notice and she hoped that the work being undertaken would be completed before September 13, when school reopens.

A check at Waterford Bottom revealed that the roadworks were still in progress at two areas.

The Ministry of Transport and Works had previously informed the public that the work, which started on July 9, will continue “until further notice”.

A culvert is being placed to improve drainage.