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Square One rocks the boat


Square One rocks the boat

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THERE WAS A REUNION like no other on the high seas along the West Coast on Thursday night.

A reunion of the members of the band once labelled the “Soca Ambassadors”; a reunion of family, friends and fans with the band; and a reunion of the band and their following with what was once the island’s biggest party boat.

And like any grand reunion, the feeling of nostalgia enveloped the atmosphere at the Flour Mill, St Michael, even before the boat set sail.

At 8:42 p.m., the MV Harbour Master left the docks with one of the island’s most successful bands Square One onboard for their Touchdown reunion event.

The smiles were as wide as the boat’s stern, since it has been nine years since Square One performed as a band, and four years since Harbour Master has sailed along our shores.

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