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Marvay: No. 2 is great

NATANGA SMITH, [email protected]

Marvay: No. 2 is great

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THE HEATED DEBATE on social media and radio airwaves that first-timer Damian Marvay was hard done in the Sweet Soca competition yesterday morning isn’t being endorsed by the singer.

“I feel great to place second. I have no qualms coming second to Edwin Yearwood. Zero.

“I didn’t even hear the points. I was on a stage with cameras and lights in my face in a line-up with people who I look up to and seeing my own life happen that happen for other people . . . . I was just smiling to myself.”

Marvay gained 78 points to Edwin’s 86. His song was I Know The Face.

His presentation on stage was a psychological play on “knowing the face” with the masks. He had ballet dancers in black and white and a sweet touch was adding the picture frames at the end. (NS)

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