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It’s not water under the bridge


It’s not water under the bridge

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A BOLD HEADLINE atop a letter in the print media this week asked Why fuss about Crop Over Water?

There are several answers fitting that question. I will offer only a few.

•  The foreign-made product imported into Barbados without the local water ingredient, to be consumed primarily during the Crop Over season with the name “Crop Over Water”, is a de facto misnomer.

• A more appropriately labelled Trinidadian-made product is “Carnival Water”.

• The product “Crop Over Water” can indeed be considered stolen, because some Barbadian personages and institutions do not recognise the overriding importance and necessity of having the chains and bonds of copyright, patents, trademarks, designs and layouts attached to items connected to our annual festival. Oops!

• The patrimony of Barbadians continues to be sacrificially burnt on an altar devoid of pride, industry and nationalism.

• The persistent lack of appreciation and blatant disregard for things of an indigenous and patrial nature with a preference for foreign and imported commodities.