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Police out in numbers for Foreday


Police out in numbers for Foreday

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ACTING POLICE COMISSIONER Tyrone Griffith is among a large number of policemen on the road for the Forday Morning Jam.

Griffith was among a group of officers at Queen’s Park where 17 bands are waiting to move off to start the early morning jump up.

Three truckloads of officers arrived soon after and have since moved on to other spots along the route.

There is also a large number of private security for the bands.

In addition to Queen’s Park, revellers will also be moving off from Lower Bay Street by Laurie Dash, the BTI car park and BIDC, to culminate on Spring Garden.

Police promised a large presence for Foreday activities and Republic Bank Grand Kadooment after a message circulated on social media with a threat to disrupt the festival.

They will also be conducting random checks on the road. (BN)